Creative and technological partner of prestigious brands and international publishers, Xplored has developed over 100 applications and entertained more than 250 million users worldwide.
Our projects are designed to be multi-platform: smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone8), Web (Flash / HTML5 / NaCl), desktop (Win / Mac / Linux).


Gormiti is the mobile fighting game that accompanies the launch of the new line of toys by Giochi Preziosi.
Collect all the Gormiti and learn the secrets of the island of Gorm by unlocking the elements of the Collection through the codes found in toys and physical products.
Form a team of three Gormiti and defeat more and more aggressive opponents in real-time battles, reliving the special moves of the TV series!


Final Goal is an html5 local multiplayer soccer game for AirConsole which lets you play using your smartphone as a controller.
Choose from 50 national teams and take it to the turf with Final Goal – AirConsole’s premier soccer game for the 2018 Soccer Cup. Face off in a Quick Match and get right to the action. The control’s design makes moving your players, passing and shooting the ball easy and immediate.


Brawlanders is a casual 3D fighting platform game for AirConsole, which lets you play using your smartphone as a controller.
Play up to 8 players in the style of brawler games like Super Smash Bros and Brawlhalla.
Challenge your friends in intense skirmishes with Brawlanders, fight on platform arenas, trying to strike your opponents and knocking them out of the stage.


Final Drift is a fast-paced arcade racing 3D game for 1-4 players that features a complete physical driving experience.Developed for AirConsole, FinalDrift lets you play using your smartphone as a controller.
Rumbling engines, skidmarks on burnt asphalt, high-speed racing, all of this is the essence of Final Drift.
9 tracks to master in fast races or in exciting championships.


Rollercoaster Creator Express is a puzzle game set in the exciting world of rollercoasters.
Build tracks of ever increasing complexity using special pieces like Loops and Corkscrews to solve the game’s levels and thrill the goofy clients of your rollercoaster.
Tour the world facing increasingly difficult levels set in beautiful environements: from Europ to Asia, from Africa to America.
And when your rollercoaster is ready, enjoy a breathtaking ride using the first person view!

The title is available not only on mobile (Android and iOS) but also on destkop broswer (HTML5), the game’s mechanics and dynamic interfaces are designed to be enjoyable both on the desktop using the mouse and on mobile using the touch screen.


Bubble Fish Party is a game developed for kids and appreciated by adults having fun while playing together, up to four players on the same device. Weird puffer fishes inflate and push each other inside a spikes-walled arena with floating power-ups. A cartoon no holds barred battle that crowns the aquarium champion. Developed by Xplored and published by Bulkypix, the game was featured worldwide by Apple and Goole on their respective stores.

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